How to practice self inquiry pdf

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how to practice self inquiry pdf

Ramana Maharshi: Self Enquiry - Stillness Speaks

A collection of articles discussing the philosophy and practice of the spiritual teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana, written by Michael James and forming an extension of his main website, www. One confusion about self-enquiry that exists in the minds of many spiritual aspirants is that the practice of self-enquiry involves asking ourself or repeating to ourself the question 'who am I? For example, a new friend recently wrote to me as follows: I am still trying to obtain a copy of The Path of Sri Ramana Part One translated by you. According to product description from Amazon. The purpose of Self-inquiry is Self-Awareness or Self-attention Is this correct observation? Is this conflicting?
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Self Inquiry Meditation - Who Am I, Atma Vichara

In the book The Path of Sri Ramana Part One, Sri Sadhu Om describes an approach to Self-inquiry that is more like Self-attention, or awareness watching awareness, or awareness aware of awareness, and less like asking a question 'Who am I'.

How To Do Self-Enquiry

Ramana Maharshi is a leading 20th Century Indian non-duality teacher. Look at his Stillness Speaks teachers page for much more about his teachings. Read Who am I? Sages and scriptures proclaim this to be Liberation. The nature of the mind is a complicated and ephemeral concept. It is not good.

Rama he was interested in the study and practice of Yoga. He used to read Swami Thus, Self-enquiry is the direct path taught by Bhagavan. David Frawley. Self Inquiry. Its Practice.

On that day, as if He were about to die, a great fear of death possessed Him all of a sudden. Because of it, an impulse to scrutinize death also arose in Him spontaneously. He was not perturbed to see the fast-approaching death, nor did He feel inclined to inform others about it! He decided to welcome it calmly and to solve the problem all alone. He lay down, stretching His limbs like a corpse, and began to scrutinize death practically, face to face. Since it is of prime importance for the readers to know the technique of Self-enquiry performed by Sri Bhagavan, the Sadguru , let us see it here in the very words in which He later narrated His experience. Click here to read it online for free.


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The following is an excerpt about self-inquiry or self-enquiry from the book, Nothing Personal, Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self by Nirmala. This is a variation of the classic self-inquiry question, Who am I? This assertion is at the core of most spiritual teachings. Spiritual teachings and practices attempt to turn us in another direction, away from the usual places we look for satisfaction. Self inquiry is one technique for doing that.

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  1. Rama) he was interested in the study and practice of Yoga. He used to read Swami Thus, Self-enquiry is the direct path taught by Bhagavan. Ramana.

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