Monitor audio silver s1 bookshelf speakers reviews

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monitor audio silver s1 bookshelf speakers reviews

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Performance Con't For the next experiment, I auditioned some lossless 5. While listening to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds sing "Crash Into Me," I noted that the Monitor speakers displayed strong imaging and, especially given their price point, were markedly transparent. The system had pretty remarkable coherence and, again, had no problem filling a large room. Moving on to The Police and "Message in a Bottle," it was the subwoofer's time to shine as it blended seamlessly with the other speakers while still providing deep, taut bass. Sting's vocals were rendered accurately, conveying all of his rasp and texture with aplomb.
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Monitor Audio Silver 100 Bookshelf Speaker Pair - Very

Fitting a mm driver where you'd usually expect something smaller confers an awareness of power and ease to the Silver 1 that many competitors lack. Matching this is a new CCAM gold magnesium alloy dome tweeter using a damped rear chamber and dome venting. Both units are bolted to the cupboard, and split two ways using a crossover with silver plated OFC wiring and polypropylene film capacitors. There's just one bass port on the rear, along with bi -wiring posts. Here is a tiny loudspeaker that sounds rather bigger than you could expect. New Atlantic's I Understand seems incredibly sharp and punchy; bass is tight and has very little awareness of any overhang.

Discussion in ' New Gear - Values ' started by cableguy , Jul 14, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 18, Location: Jakarta Indonesia. Well I tried this upstairs and had a few comments, but mayhap they will be appreciated more by this crowd. It was a good day. I am just now getting these MA's into the system and enjoying them so far.

Monitor Audio S1 Bookshelf Speakers. DESCRIPTION. Technical Specifications Frequency Response: +/- 3dB 45Hz - 30KHz. Sensitivity: ([email protected]) 90dB.
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Monitor Audio's Silver RX1 may be just 12 inches high, but it sounds like a much bigger speaker. At 15 pounds, it feels surprisingly heavy for its size. I listened to the RX1s hooked up to a Rotel stereo watt-per-channel RA integrated amplifier, and the sound was so full and big I really thought there was a subwoofer in the system. There wasn't -- the little speakers just made a lot of bass. The score to the film "Birth" has some deep tympani drum thwacks in the opening sequence, and I heard real weight and substance in the low frequencies. Few speakers this size could sound like this while filling Park Avenue Audio's byfoot listening room! The CM5 is a better speaker; it sounded lighter and more transparent and had superior resolution of detail, so I could hear more deeply into the mix.

In addition, in many cases, cheaper speakers from the same company and series tend to outperform their more expensive offerings, as is the case between the Pinnacle Classic Gold Reference and the larger, more expensive Classic Gold Towers. The S2 series incorporates many of the technologies found in their more expensive flagship Nautilus Series loudspeakers. The S2 series is offered in small bookshelf speakers as well as large tower versions with integrated self-powered subwoofers. The S2 version has many notable improvements over the original series. It has better treble extension and slightly more detailed midrange thanks to the new Nautilus type tweeter. The most notable improvement about the S2 is its superior bass extension over the original series. The series incorporated 1 7" kevlar midbass driver and 1 polymer passive midbass driver.

As we unwrap the speakers, it is hard not to marvel at the luxurious build quality. The natural oak finish on our review sample is smooth and polished to touch, and the fixings all over are nothing short of exemplary. The 6in mid-mass driver has a larger motor and a more efficient drive assembly, which ought to increase dynamism and accuracy. The new tweeter vents internally to eliminate distortion from air pressure, and promises improved response at lower frequencies. The walls of the MDF cabinet are also thicker, with more internal bracing for greater rigidity. The tweaks work: the Silver 1s are a clear improvement on the RX1s they replace. Throughout the frequency range you get nicely extended dynamics.

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