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Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth who goes by the name of Daisy is sent from the US to stay with her aunt Penn and her children, Daisy's cousins, on a remote farm in the United Kingdom during the outbreak of a fictional third world war of the 21st century. Though she is happy about moving away from her stepmother who is pregnant, Daisy is homesick at first. First meeting her year-old cousin Edmond at the airport, Daisy calls him "some kind of mutt"; however, her view of Edmond changes after settling in. Arriving at the farm she also meets Edmond's twin brother Isaac, 9-year-old Piper, and Osbert, who is the eldest brother. Daisy's homesickness only lasts for a short while before she and her extended family become close, and Daisy begins to embrace her new home.
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Book Review - How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff


Rarely does a writer come up with a first novel so assured, so powerful and engaging that you can be pretty sure that you will want to read everything that this author is capable of writing. But that is what has happened with Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now, which, even before publication, is being talked of as a likely future classic. Though billed as a book for older children, the novel is full of shocking events - underage sex, with a whiff of incest, appalling violence. But younger readers, with their relative lack of experience and greater insouciance, may well be less troubled by these things than the many adults who will also read the book. The four cousins are romantic, bohemian and enjoy an eccentric, faintly feral pastoral idyll of an existence in a rambling English country house, mystically in touch with nature and, indeed, with Daisy. One of the twins, Isaac, talks to animals; Piper, the girl, knows how to get honey from bees and watercress from a running river. And Edmond, who has 'eyes the colour of unsettled weather', is so much her soulmate that he can get inside her head, even when they are far apart.

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This riveting first novel paints a frighteningly realistic picture of a world war breaking out in the 21st century. Told from the point of view of year-old Manhattan native Daisy, the novel follows her arrival and her stay with cousins on a remote farm in England. Soon after Daisy settles into their farmhouse, her Aunt Penn becomes stranded in Oslo and terrorists invade and occupy England. Daisy's candid, intelligent narrative draws readers into her very private world, which appears almost utopian at first with no adult supervision especially by contrast with her home life with her widowed father and his new wife. The heroine finds herself falling in love with cousin Edmond, and the author credibly creates a world in which social taboos are temporarily erased.

Have you heard about the YA book where the main character is banging her cousin? Whether your answer is yes or no , get ready to get acquainted with Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now , in which yes, the main character is banging her cousin. Whether this scandal piques your interest or makes you want to wash your eyeballs in hopes of unseeing that first paragraph we wrote, consider this: Since its publication in , this book has lassoed all kinds of critical acclaim and accolades. We're talking the Bradford Boase Award for outstanding novel for children or young adults by a first-time novelist, the Michael L. Printz Award for the best book of the year written for teens, and the once-in-a-lifetime Guardian Children's Fiction Prize. And here's the thing: The much-talked-about incest of How I Live Now is really tangential to the story of family and survival in a futuristic world war. Plus, it's been made into a movie—and you have to read the book before you see it.

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  1. Publisher, Penguin Books. Publication date. 5 August Pages, pp. ISBN · · OCLC · How I Live Now is a novel by Meg Rosoff, first published in It received generally positive.

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