How many books did robert cormier write

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how many books did robert cormier write

Obituary: Robert Cormier | Books | The Guardian

Robert was their second. Lucien was a factory worker. Like many families during the Depression, Cormier's family moved many times during his life but never out of French Hill. They moved frequently in order to afford rent during the Depression, and they also moved as the family grew. Even when he moved out on his own, he never lived farther than three miles from the house he was born in.
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I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier pages 9 - 15

Robert Cormier

His position was simple: "There are no taboos," he told the Guardian this summer in what was to be one of his final interviews. It is the way that the topics are handled that's important, and that applies whether it is a year-old who is reading your book or someone who is Cormier's books were as good as his word: Tenderness charted a promiscuous young girl's fixation with a serial killer; The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, set among the terminally ill teenage inmates of an experimental medical institution, was a bleak portrayal of dying despair lit by tiny moments of joy, and his psychological thrillers such as We All Fall Down and I Am Cheese never flinched at the cruelties that humans inflict upon each other. Not surprisingly, his grim realism and stories that ignored the conventions of the teenage novel by telling it like it really was - with no happy endings and no adults prepared to lend a helping hand - brought him into conflict with parents' groups in the US, who believed that it was unsuitable material for sensitive adolescents. There were frequent attempts to ban his work in schools and libraries in America. Speaking at a conference on censorship earlier this year, Cormier declared: "I have my own standards.

Robert Cormier, often considered the most important American writer for young adults, authored ten major novels and many short stories over the course of his career. For much of his life he was a newspaper writer for the Fitchburg Sentinel , where he won awards for his human-interest stories. Even after he became able to support his family solely by writing novels, he continued to write for the paper on occasion. Cormier was born in the French Canadian section of Leominster, Massachusetts, the second of eight children. His childhood involved many moves within the French Hill area, but the family never left Leominster, where his father, Lucien, supported the family by working in the factories. Cormier grew up in an extended family and close community of relatives and friends.

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Heros - By Robert Cormier

Robert Edmund Cormier January 17, — November 2, was an American author and journalist, known for his deeply pessimistic novels, many of which were written for young adults. Recurring themes include abuse , mental illness , violence, revenge , betrayal, and conspiracy. In most of his novels, the protagonists do not win. The Chocolate War was challenged in multiple libraries. The nearby city of Fitchburg became Wickburg.

AS: What are the rewards of writing? RC: There are so many rewards. You feel sort of naked and vulnerable in a way. But there are so many joys to writing. Then there is the sense of so many people having been involved.

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  1. Robert Edmund Cormier (January 17, – November 2, ) was an American author and journalist, known for his deeply pessimistic novels, many of which were written for young adults. In a few of his books, Cormier's hometown of Leominster became the fictional town of Monument, and its village of French Hill.

  2. Some parents found Robert Cormier s unsparing, sometimes brutal young adult novels too shocking, but his critics and readers alike loved them for their honesty, their integrity, and their refusal to sugar-coat or evade real issues for a young audience. Cormier was one of the first.

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