Maths phobia causes and remedies pdf

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maths phobia causes and remedies pdf

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M athematics has always been regarded the Queen of all sciences. Being a science of numbers and space many modern disciplines have evolved from maths. Moreover, it is an accurate science that does not provide alternative solutions as there is only one right answer to any assignment. However, it is one of a few school subjects learning of which may eventually grow into a phobia. Undoubtedly, maths is one of the most difficult subjects at school. To have a good command of this subject it is necessary to learn it from the basics and without gaps.
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A Technique to Eliminate Math Anxiety - Dr. Katie Nall - TEDxOcala

The paper examines the causes of poor mathematics teaching and learning in primary and post‐primary schools in Nigeria, and recommends.

Mathematical anxiety

Mathematical anxiety is anxiety about one's ability to do mathematics. It is a phenomenon that is often considered when examining students' problems in mathematics. Mark H. Ashcraft defines math anxiety as "a feeling of tension, apprehension, or fear that interferes with math performance" , p. It determined that math anxiety is related to poor math performance on math achievement tests and that math anxiety is related to negative attitudes concerning math. Hembree also suggests that math anxiety is directly connected with math avoidance. Ashcraft [1] suggests that highly anxious math students will avoid situations in which they have to perform mathematical calculations.

This article lists some of the major factors that contribute to math anxiety in students and gives helpful ideas for teachers to motivate children to study math and to prevent math anxiety. A major factor in the development of math anxiety and dislike towards math in students is the way the teachers feel about math. It is well known that good teachers love the subject they are teaching. On the other hand, if the teacher feels negative towards math, it probably shows up when in his or her teaching and affects the students similarly. So one very important factor in motivating children to study math is that you as the teacher stay positive about math — if possible, enthusiastic! Now, that may be hard if you feel differmotivateently. This article on math anxiety and math myths can be helpful.

Many students claim not to like math. But for some, the issue with math is more than simply disliking algebra or fractions. For some students, doing math can cause negative emotions like fear of failure. This harms their ability to perform. Math anxiety impacts students as early as the first grade by affecting their working memory. It is important when we need to keep track of numbers. But this working memory can be disrupted by math anxiety in both elementary and secondary school students.

What is Math phobia: definition and symptoms

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  1. Abstract: The article examines the causes and remedies of poor mathematics teaching and learning in primary and post‐primary schools and recommends.

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