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Even C experts come across problems that require days of debugging. This book helps to prevent such problems by showing how C programmers get themselves into trouble. The book offers advice on: avoiding off-by-one errors, understanding and constructing function declarations, understanding the relationship between pointers and arrays. More on Amazon. A tag search for "C" and "Books" returns no complete book list results as of writing this question. That search is here. Feel free to debate quality, headings, etc.
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On the pitfalls and traps of programming languages

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Du kanske gillar. Human Compatible Stuart Russell Inbunden. Permanent Record Edward Snowden Inbunden. C Traps and Pitfalls av Andrew Koenig. Even C experts come across problems that require days ofdebugging to fix. This book helps to prevent such problems byshowing how C programmers get themselves into trouble. Each ofthe book's many examples has trapped a professional programmer.

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  1. by looking at what has to happen in order to run a C program. This paper, greatly expanded, is the basis for the book C Traps and Pitfalls (Addison-Wesley, .

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