Introduction to microprocessor and microcomputer pdf

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introduction to microprocessor and microcomputer pdf

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A microcomputer is a small, relatively inexpensive computer with a microprocessor as its central processing unit CPU. The predecessors to these computers, mainframes and minicomputers , were comparatively much larger and more expensive though indeed present-day mainframes such as the IBM System z machines use one or more custom microprocessors as their CPUs. Many microcomputers when equipped with a keyboard and screen for input and output are also personal computers in the generic sense. The abbreviation micro was common during the s and s, [5] but has now fallen out of common usage. The term microcomputer came into popular use after the introduction of the minicomputer , although Isaac Asimov used the term in his short story " The Dying Night " as early as published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in July that year. The French developers of the Micral N filed their patents with the term "Micro-ordinateur", a literal equivalent of "Microcomputer", to designate a solid state machine designed with a microprocessor.
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Microprocessor and Microcomputer system


A microcomputer is a complete computer on a small scale, designed for use by one person at a time. An antiquated term, a microcomputer is now primarily called a personal computer PC , or a device based on a single-chip microprocessor. Common microcomputers include laptops and desktops. Beyond standard PCs, microcomputers also include some calculators, mobile phones, notebooks, workstations and embedded systems. Smaller than a mainframe or minicomputer , a microcomputer uses a single integrated semiconductor chip for its central processing unit CPU. The term microcomputer dates back to the s.

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In what context are you familiar with microcomputers?

These computers are designed and constructed based on digital and Integrated Circuit IC fabrication technology. A digital computer is a machine that can be used to solve problems for people by carrying out the task by following the instructions given to it. A sequence of instructions describing how to perform a certain task or job is called a program.

Personal Computer These microprocessor-based computers were intended to be versatile tools that could load and run various programs such as word processor, spreadsheets, database and games. They could also be easily custom-programmed by the user to do whatever the programmer imagined. Example : Intel , and the likes 2. Microcomputer or Microcontroller unit A microprocessor-based computer as a control unit embedded in a marketable product.. These microcomputer is made up of the same elements as the personal computer, but it is programmed once by the manufacturer. Example: Intel family Intel -. Digital computer is a combination of digital device and circuits that can perform a programmed sequence of operations with a minimum of human intervention.



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  1. INTRODUCTION TO MICROPROCESSOR AND MICROCOMPUTER A microprocessor is a programmable electronics chip that has computing and decision.

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