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Project MUSE - Religion and Politics in Latin America

Denis Lacorne. Translated by George Holoch. Foreword by Tony Judt. Add to Cart. Denis Lacorne identifies two competing narratives defining the American identity. The first narrative, derived from the philosophy of the Enlightenment, is essentially secular.
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How religion turned American politics against science - Kurt Andersen

This book explores the transformations in religion in conjunction with political change. Professor Levine suggests, highlights the dynamic and dialectical interaction between religion and politics in general, and addresses the more universal problem of relating thought to action.

Democracy and Religion

Woodward pp. Nearly 40 years ago, I took my first full-time job as a newspaper reporter, covering four towns in central New Jersey for the local daily. Our paper circulated a modest 40, copies or so, and yet it exuded ambition. One vast gap existed in our collective field of vision, however, and we hardly even recognized it. Nobody on the staff reported on religion. It typified the attitude back then in most general-interest newspapers and magazines. To the degree that mainstream American journalism gradually rose to the task in later decades, it did so by erroneously trying to comprehend religion through the prism of politics, with any given theological position slotted into liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican columns.

Edited by James L. Guth, Lyman A. Kellstedt, and Corwin E. Smidt

Religion is, and has always been, a powerful force in American politics. Over the past three decades, the study of religion and politics has gone from being ignored by the scholarly community to being a major focus of research. - Religion and Politics in the United States.

Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention blocked the establishment of Christianity as a national religion. But they could not keep religion out of American politics. But most of these tend toward the genre of the rant, which is why Lambert's new book is important. It gives a history of the intertwining of evangelical faith and political engagement in America that displays no obvious agenda other than to illuminate

A Project of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics. From East Coast patricians such as John D. Eric C. Miller recently spoke by phone with Dochuk about the book.

Add to GoodReads Exam Copies. Race, Religion, and Politics. This book examines race, religion, and politics in the United States, illuminating their intersections and what they reveal about power and privilege. Drawing on both historic and recent examples, Stephanie Mitchem introduces readers to the ways race has been constructed in the United States, discusses how race and religion influence each other, and assesses how they shape political influence. Mitchem concludes with a chapter looking toward possibilities for increased rights and justice for all. Series: Religion in the Modern World.

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