The book thief part 2 and 3 summary

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the book thief part 2 and 3 summary

SparkNotes: The Book Thief: Part Three

Death explains that Liesel Meminger will steal her second book, The Shoulder Shrug , from a book burning on Hitler's birthday and hints at many of the events that follow. Death remarks that Nazi Germany was built in particular on burning: synagogues, houses, Reichstags, and books. In late Liesel, despite having nightmares about her dead brother still, has settled into life in Molching. She loves her foster parents Hans and Rosa, her best friend is Rudy Steiner , and her reading and writing is improving. On Christmas, the Hubermanns' adult children Hans Junior and Trudy visit, and Liesel, not expecting to get anything at all because of the family's lack of money, receives two books: Faust the Dog and The Lighthouse , the latter written by a woman.
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The Book Thief: A Summary For Classroom Use (Warning: Spoilers)

The Book Thief Summary and Analysis of Part Two

Liesel continues to write letters to her mother, but she has mailed only the first one, though. Her birthday comes. Rosa is still losing washing and ironing jobs and Hans is out of tobacco, so Liesel doesn't expect to receive a birthday present. She doesn't. She gives herself a present, though, by taking some of the washing money and mailing her letters in one group. Rosa finds out and hits her with a spoon, after which Liesel admits why she used the money.

Death offers a glimpse of what will become Liesel's second stolen book. The first book she stole was on January 13, The second: April 20, Death describes how Liesel's second act of thievery propels the events of the story that are yet to come, an act that is preceded still by her hunger for words. Hitler is using his own words to feed and persuade the nation while burning any other words — books — that represent different, contrary ideas. Death tells us that Liesel's anger and darkness fuels her desire to steal this book — her anger toward Hitler and the loss of her family, and the darkness that she's experiencing in her life from these losses. Next The Joy of Cigarettes.

Germans, Death declares, love to burn things.
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Part Three

The Book Thief: part 2- A Girl Made Of Darkness

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Hans sees the book that Liesel stole from the bonfire. He promises not to tell Rosa, and in return Liesel promises to keep a secret for him if he ever asks. The narrative switches to the town of Stuttgart, where a Jewish man named Max is hiding in a secret storage room, sitting on his suitcase in the dark, starving. A man brings him carrots, stale bread, and a piece of fat, and tells Max he may have gotten him an identity card. When the man leaves, Max eats a portion of the food and resumes his wait. She finds a book on the shelf with the name Johann Hermann written inside.

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