Man finds secret room behind bookcase

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man finds secret room behind bookcase

A secret room behind a bookshelf is cool until a stranger lives inside

You may have seen the original viral story on our website earlier. Now some more insight and an update about the weird, hidden, living quarters has come out. I'm still a bit skeptical about the whole situation, but it's so crazy that it might be true. Just like in the movies, a family discovered a secret spiral staircase behind an old bookshelf. The creepy part - there was a crawlspace that looked as if someone had been living in it, completely unbeknownst to the owner! The staircase leads directly into the wall and a small crawlspace is accessible from just a few steps down the stairs.
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Published 10.01.2019

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Pictures purport to show a set of secret stairs hidden behind a bookcase, along with photographs suggesting someone may be living in the walls. As a hoax it's terrifying enough.

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Now before we go any further, let's be clear that the story has all the makings of a hoax: unbelievable photos, a great story and a surprise-type ending. While horsing around with his brother in their parents' bedroom, said younger brother was pushed by TwoBiteBrownie into what was assumed to be a built-in bookshelf. It opened revealing a hidden room -- and evidence of a potential inhabitant. Just an ordinary, built-in bookcase, right? Image source: Imgur. In a move similar to that which happens in movies when someone tries to pull a book off the shelf, moves a trinket or accidentally bumps a bookcase, the Imgur user claimed the shelving, thought to be solid, moved. While siblings were messing around in their parents' room, one was knocked into the bookcase, revealing this.

This sounds like a start to a horror movie, an A-plus-plus-plus internet hoax or one of the scariest things you can find in your home. A user on Imgur was horsing around in one of the rooms in his house when his little brother ran into a bookshelf. Turns out, the bookshelf could open up.
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In the incredible footage posted to Reddit, a man is seen approaching his brother's unassuming bookcase. While a fourth person questioned the man on if he had to declare the room to the emergency services, in case of a fire.


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